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“At PNC Bank, we have the opportunity to work with many outsource vendors. Trump Lender Services is always one of my first choices, as they consistently provide us with superior reports that clearly identify and address all the collateral issues. Their field exam team possesses excellent communication skills as they work closely with the Relationship Team throughout the process. These efforts eliminate surprises and allow the bank to address significant issues while the exam is still ongoing, which ultimately strengthens the quality of the final report. Bottom line is that they have an experienced and knowledgeable staff that does excellent work and is a pleasure to work with. Great customer service and a great product make TLS one of the very best in the business. You won't be disappointed.”
H.K., Senior Vice President, PNC Business Credit

“Trump Lender Services has been performing asset based field exams for our Bank for many years. The service and quality of their work has been exceptional. The staff has a tremendous amount of asset based auditing knowledge and it shows in their audit results.”
S.S. Senior Vice President, National Field Exam Manager, Large Commercial Bank

"TLS is an organization of talented individuals who will always work to meet our due diligence requirements. They go beyond the numbers to get a solid understanding of the borrower's business and the credit and business risks presented. Their report presentation is excellent. A great group of people to work with."
R.M.H., CPA,
Managing Director Adams Business Credit, LLC

“We have been using Trump Lender Services over the years to perform field exams and the relationship has been good. The examiners are experienced, producing quality reports while maintaining excellent communication and turnaround time.”
K.R., Senior Vice President,
Citizens Financial Group, Credit Risk Management
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“Trump Lender Services continues to deliver quality collateral exams through all phases of the transaction (survey, pre-fund, and recurring) on a consistent basis. Their examiners are experienced and provide insightful analysis, interact well with our borrowers, and communicate frequently with our Underwriters and Account Executives throughout the exam. Trump is also very responsive in scheduling and timely in producing their reports.”
T.P., Vice President, NewStar Business Credit

“Trump Lender Services is a firm that I have relied on for collateral exams for many years and while at various financial institutions. They are extremely skilled at their work, and pride themselves on understanding their client needs. Many are former bankers themselves. With a cadre of staff they are also very flexible on scheduling and matching client specific needs to resources. The most important attribute of the firm is their strong desire to make the experience of the exam at the company location the best it can be – they are knowledge of our clients going into the exam so they are efficient yet analyze the right data to provide meaningful insights for the bank. I would highly recommend their services.”
B.P., Senior Vice President,
Large US Financial Institution

“We always look to Trump when we have a complex loan because we know we can count on their expertise and their ability to get the exam done in a timely and cost-effective way. We highly recommend their services.”
B.C., Asset Based Monitoring Group,
Susquehanna Bank

“Trump Lender Services has been an important service provider to the Bank over the last several years. The firm’s auditors are professional, responsive and knowledgeable, and perform high quality work.”
J.G., Vice President, WSFS Bank

“Trump Lender Services has been one of our leading ABL exam vendors that we can consistently count on for our exam needs. They work with us on our scheduling challenges, and are often available on short notice. Their experienced examiners are familiar with a variety of differing industries and can handle the most complex exams. They approach each exam in a professional manner with excellent communication during the entire process. By partnering with Trump over the past several years, we have been able to have full confidence in the high quality services that we have grown to expect.”
K.E., Vice President, Large Commercial Bank

“We are a small commercial bank, but committed to providing a broad and sophisticated array of credit products to our customer base. Our affiliation with Trump has allowed us to credibly and securely make collateralized loans that most other community banks couldn't attempt. Trump's staff is responsive, experienced and brings a banker's perspective to valuing collateral.”
K.R.M., Former President & CEO,
Cornerstone Bank

“Trump Lender Services consistently performs quality field exams for our bank. Their examiners are experienced and perform a thorough analysis. They work within our budgets and the field exam turnaround time is prompt.”
P.P., Vice President, IDB Bank - ABL Field Exam

“Trump Lender Services has always provided us with a quality product in a timely fashion.”
F.C.A., Vice President and Regional ABL Audit Manager, PNC Bank

“PNC Bank has extremely high confidence in the collateral auditing capabilities of TLS and their highly experienced and talented staff. Their reports are comprehensive and insightful from a collateral analysis standpoint, but more importantly provide a more detailed analysis and information on the company, accounting practices and personnel. TLS is very responsive to PNC Bank's audit requests, especially those on short notice.”
J.S., Vice President, PNC Bank

“We’ve been very pleased with TLS’s service and high level of professionalism.”
M.F., Vice President, Citizens Business Credit

“Trump has provided us high quality detailed audits in a very responsive time frame.”
B.D., Former Executive Vice President, Sun National Bank

"Very pleased with Trump Services. Timely submission of reports, good feedback, helpful with scope."
I.W., Senior Vice President, 1st Constitution Bank

"A highly skilled team experienced and trained in ABL auditing with a commitment to excellent service and competitive pricing.”
D.C., Vice President, Sovereign Bank

“TLS performs high quality work and goes out of its way to respond to our field examination requests.”
R.B., Senior Vice President & Credit Officer, TD Bank

Trump Lender Services, field examinations, field examination services, asset based lenders, asset based bankers, field examinations,
asset-based lenders, collateral field examination, financial institutions, collateral field examination services, Trump Services, Ft. Washington, PA

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